Steve’s BEST OF E3: 2014 – The Top 5!

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Welcome back!

E3 has been and gone for another year, and 2014’s event was the first year that showed us just what is in store for the next generation’s games (or is that, current generation?)

Many of the games shown off at E3 2014 had already been announced or shown off at last year’s event, so this year was an opportunity to demonstrate improvements and further details.

While I found this year’s event a bit underwhelming (due to the lack of big game announcements) I was impressed by the footage of what was shown – so much so, that I’m writing a Top 5 of E3 2014.

Number 5: No Mans Sky

This game was teased on the VGX Video Game awards a few months ago, and consequently made its second showing at Sony’s E3 press conference. Despite encountering devastation in the floods of the last northern winter, Hello Games has managed to once again ignite the imaginations of many, with what is sure to be a must own game. The trailer below shows off what is meant to be in-game footage, and have noted that everything in the world is procedurally generated – meaning the universe of the game is effectively infinite. Will this vision transition to the production version? That remains to be seen right now, but when thinking about this game, one word comes to mind: Ambitious.


Numbers 4: Far Cry 4

I’m not a big fan of sequels, but despite this Ubisoft has somehow managed to create a sequel that I am genuinely intrigued by. The fourth entry in the Far Cry series sees players head to the a fictional area of the Himalayas, and includes many of the same elements and gameplay that have made the franchise a hit. It also looks gorgeous, thanks to the power of next gen consoles – the Cry Engine has always made this series look great, but this is most certainly next level. Check out the villain reveal and gameplay below.


Number 3: Batman: Arkham Knight

Developer Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Arkham series is back. Arkham Knight see’s Rocksteady retake the reigns of the franchise after a ho-hum prequel effort by WB Montreal. The fourth in the series (and effective second sequel) sees Batman battle against Scarecrow and some of Gotham’s most deadly enemies. The stand-out for me on this game is the visuals; it wins my vote for best looking game of E3-2014. Check out the slick footage below.


Number 2: Rainbow Six: Siege

We haven’t had a console entry in this long running Tom Clancy series for some time (six years in fact), and despite the promise of a long delayed 12th edition in the form of “Patriots”, many believed the franchise dead. Enter: Siege. While little has been revealed around the details of the title, a quick look at some alpha game play should show you exactly what you are in for: The return of the tactical first person shooter. What was shown at E3 should whet your appetite, and I’m looking forward to all the details for this next-gen title.


And the BEST OF E3 2014 is: Destiny

No other game has made me more excited than Destiny, the highly anticipated follow up to developer Bungie’s Halo series. Players take the form of Guardians, protectors of Earths last free city. The mythology and characterization that Bungie bring to all of their endeavors ensures that this is going to be an absolute must have title for 2014. Combining elements of the first person shooter and role playing game, Destiny will see players working through a co-operative campaign, strike and raid missions as well as competitive multiplayer – no shortage of content, and a worthy successor to the adventures of Master Chief. I’ve already registered for July’s Beta, but before then, check out the E3 trailer for this massive 2014 release.


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