Photography Corner #2 – Devonport and Torpedo Bay

Devonport and Torpedo Bay are two of the most sought after locations – Real Estate wise – in the greater Auckland area. A combination of amazing views, proximity to the city and affluent neighborhoods means that the Devonport-Torpedo-Stanley Bay area is one of Auckland’s most expensive.

I’ve been lucky enough to rent in this area for some time now, largely in part to living in older housing stock, and it’s a beautiful part of the Auckland to stay in. Prior to moving out recently, I was living close to the waterfront on Torpedo Bay’s King Edward Parade. About 5 minutes walk away was North Head, a hill at the top end of the area which acted as an military emplacement during the world wars. You can read more about North Head, and the adjacent Mt. Victoria, here.

I managed to get up to the top of North Head at the start of this year, and took a few photos at dusk. As always, photos taken on a Sony A37 SLT, with an 18-55 and  a 55-200mm lens kit(s). Only post effects are brightness and contrast.

Please Enjoy!


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