10 Days in the States – A Travel Blog (#1)

Over the 2014-15 New Years period, I was lucky enough to do some travel around the West coast of the United States. Admittedly, my cousin Chris, friend Phil and I would have liked our trip to be longer, but for three lads out of New Zealand, just being in the States – experiencing something different and outside of the norm – more than made up for the shortness of the holiday.

Our main goal when planning this vacation was to get to Vegas. A lifetime of American films and television shows were enough on an enticement for us to spend the bulk of our break there. Also in the itinerary though: Los Angeles and San Francisco, both interesting and unique places.

We met some unique characters along the way: A half-Armenian, half-Irish tour driver with a unique take on the American dream, two brazilian girls who didn’t speak a word of english, and even a couple from back home who we got to know in a San Francisco bar.

Highlights of the trip included a day at Universal Studios and walk down Hollywood Boulevard, a drive in a convertible Mustang, Partying in Vegas on New Years Eve and a trip out to Alcatraz in San Fran. Many fond memories to take home: including a few photos and a bit of video. Please enjoy!


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